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卵巢容易出現瘤狀物,據說每十個女生就有三至四個長有子宮肌瘤,雖然體質細小的話不用治療,但長有腫瘤總叫人擔心。想預防腫瘤出現,建議可適量食用十字花科蔬菜,它有抗炎、抗菌、抗腫瘤及抗氧化作用,十字花科蔬菜種類繁多,常見的有西蘭花、椰菜花、大白菜、小白菜及椰菜,還有上海人尤其喜歡吃的薺菜、外國人常見的椰菜仔(brussel sprouts)以及熱門沙律菜火箭菜及羽衣甘藍,原來都出自十字花科,不妨按體質適量食用。

西蘭花 — 性平,有強腎壯骨、健脾養胃的作用,適合脾胃虛弱、久病體虛、容易腰酸人士食用。

椰菜花 — 性平,能助消化、生津止渴,適合口乾口渴、消化不良、食慾不振人士食用。

椰菜 — 性平,有補腎壯筋骨、健胃助消化的功效,適合久病體虛、容易腰酸、食慾不振人士食用。

薺菜 — 性平,有健脾利水、止血明目的作用,適合便血、消化道出血、月經過多人士食用。

大白菜 — 又名津白、紹菜及黃芽白,性平,能健脾胃、潤腸通便,適合消化不良、大便乾燥、容易便秘人士食用。

小白菜 — 性涼,有清熱通便、解熱除煩、消痰止咳的功效,適合口乾、小便短赤、容易便秘人士食用。

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Getting to know cruciferous vegetables

Tumor-like lumps can easily grow in the ovaries. According to reports, three to four out of ten women will develop uterine fibroids. Though it does not require treatment if the size remains small, having a growth in the womb can be quite worrisome.

In order to prevent tumors, consume an appropriate amount of cruciferous vegetable, as they are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, and anti-oxidant.

There are many genera and species under this family. The common ones include broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, cabbage, and Shanghainese’s favorite shepherd’s purse. Brussel sprouts, arugula, and kale, which often appear in Western cuisine, are also cruciferous vegetables. It will be good to incorporate them into your diet based on your body constitutions.

Broccoli – mild in nature. It can strengthen the kidneys and bones, as well as the spleen and stomach. Suitable for those with a weak spleen and stomach, weakness from chronic illness and sore lower back.

Cauliflower – mild in nature. It can aid digestion, promote fluid production and relieve thirst. Suitable for dry mouth and throat, indigestion and poor appetite.

Cabbage – mild in nature. It can strengthen the kidneys, muscles and bones, strengthen the stomach and aid digestion. Suitable for those with weakness from chronic illness, sore lower back and lack of appetite.

Shepherd’s purse(ji cai) – mild in nature. It can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, relieve bleeding and improve eyesight. Suitable for individuals with blood in stool, blood in digestive tract and large volume of menstrual blood.

Chinese cabbage – also known as Jin Bai, Shao Cai and Huang Ya Bai, mild in nature. It can nourish the spleen and stomach, promote urination and bowel movement. It is suitable for those with indigestion, dry stool and those who are prone to constipation.

Bok choy – cool in nature. It can clear heat, improve bowel movement, relieve stress, clear phlegm and relieve coughing. It is suitable for those with dry mouth, reddish and short urination and easy constipation.

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