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Breast swelling – good or bad surprise?
Women will often experience a period when they are satisfied with their body shape – be it during puberty, when breasts begin to develop; or before menstruation, during pregnancy and the postpartum period, when the enlargement of the breasts is apparent.

The development of breasts represents changes to the body at different biological levels, but may at times come with pain and discomfort, which might be related to some diseases.

During puberty, breast tissues will begin to expand; sensitive individuals might feel the pain but it will normally go away quickly. If need be, wear suitable bra to support the breasts, don’t be shy!

Many women will experience swelling on the breasts before menstruation, sometimes they might be hard as rock and painful. These are symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. The increased level of estrogen before menstruation will stimulate the mammary glands which causes the pain. The effect is especially apparent when individuals experience emotional stress (as a result of liver, spleen and kidney disorders). Other accompanying symptoms are constant sighing, loose stools, and feeling depressed. Before menstruation begins, try drinking some rose tea or jasmine tea to soothe the liver and relieve stress.

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, breast swelling is also a common sight. This is because the mammary glands are actively distended to prepare for breast feeding; once the baby is delivered, the breast milk produced will sometimes be trapped in the glands and cause swelling. Hard lumps might form, fever might develop, and inflammation might occur. If these happen, consult a doctor and seek immediate treatment.

If the scenarios of swelling occur, but the breasts do not exhibit redness and swelling on the lymph node, or they are not warm or hard to touch, then you might not need to worry too much. Relieve the pain with warm or cold compress. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor and seek immediate treatment.

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