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佛手瓜 – 又名合掌瓜,屬性平和,呈梨形,瓜上明顯有五條縱溝,具健脾開胃、清肺化痰之功效,適合脾胃欠佳、胃口不佳者食用。煮食方法廣泛,廣東人最常見用來煲湯,味道清甜, 亦適合高血壓、糖尿病、肥胖症、脂肪肝者食用。

節瓜 – 又名小冬瓜,為冬瓜的一個變種,但不似冬瓜般寒涼, 屬性平和,具利水消腫、健脾益胃之效,又因表面有黃褐色粗硬絨毛,被稱為毛瓜,種植地區集中於廣東一帶,廣東人尤愛用來入饌。

Gourds that are mild in nature

It’s been so hot that you start sweating by just being out for a couple minutes. They say you should have sprouts in spring, gourds in summer, fruits in fall, and roots in winter. Try to have more seasonal gourds- they are cheap with good quality and also helps to relieve summer eat. Most summer seasonal gourds are cold in nature, but here are two mild ones that are suitable for all body constitutions.
Chayote- mild in nature with a pear shape. You can visibly see grooves on the outside, it can strengthen the spleen and stimulate appetite, clear lungs to relieve phlegm. Suitable for those with weakened spleen and stomach and poor appetite. There are many ways to cook it. Cantonese use it in soup as it is sweet and suitable for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver.

Hairy Gourd- is a mutation of winter melon, but is not cold in nature like winter melon as it is mild. It helps to promote diuresis to relieve swelling, strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is commonly found in canton and is a favorite of the Cantonese.

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