July 8, 2017


坐月一般女士都會乖乖休息,不飲食生冷。其實生活及飲食習慣改善了,身體好了,痛經自然能得以改善。坐月是一個難得的生理轉機。懷孕前的不適症狀都可以趁坐月時得到適當調理而有所改善。其實產後一百日內身體會自然日漸康復, 趁這個時候加以適當的調補,身體可比生產前更健康。但是如果坐月後回復以前精神壓力大、生活及飲食上的壞習慣,身體也會回復原狀,痛經也有機會重現。


A lot of Moms note that after giving birth, their menstrual pain seems to be gone, why is that?
During the confinement month, a lot of ladies are quite good about resting and avoiding cold and raw foods. The reality is once you have made dietary changes, your body condition improves and menstrual pain naturally also gets better. Confinement month is a rare time for physical transformation, and some physical symptoms can be conditioned and improved during the month. Your body starts the recovery process within the 100 days after giving birth and this is the best time for conditioning. If you appropriately manage the recovery, you can become healthier than before pregnancy too. But if the pressure and stress is large and you engage in poor lifestyle and dietary habits during confinement month, your body will likely go back to the same condition it was before your pregnancy and menstrual will reappear too.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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