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無汗 — 該出汗而不出汗,可能是身體津液不足、陽氣不足或者毛孔阻塞。

頭汗 — 稍為活動便成頭大汗,但身體出汗不多,常見於鬱熱未能四散、陽氣不足或氣虛體質人士。

黃汗 — 汗水偏黃色而將衣物染黃,多見於濕熱體質人士,需要清熱利濕。

自汗 — 不受天氣冷熱影響而白天經常出汗,靜止時也會出汗,多見於病後體虛、痰濕及氣虛體質人士。

盜汗 — 睡眠中出汗,睡醒後汗止,多見於多熬夜、多吃辛辣食物、陰虛體質人士,需要滋陰潤燥。


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Understand sweating
Summer is coming, and you may start to sweat a lot. Normal sweating is a way for the body to excrete and regulate body temperature. Abnormal sweating in Chinese medicine is considered a form of “sweating issue”. For example, some people sweat too much and continue to sweat at rest; some people do not sweat and the body fails to clear heat properly; some people are particularly sweaty in a specific part of the body, etc. Do not mistake think that sweating only evaporates some fluid. The theory of Chinese medicine believes that “sweat is the fluid of the heart”. Excessive sweating will hurt the heart and blood. If you have sweating problems, you should mark down the time, location and cause of sweating, and ask a registered Chinese medicine practitioner to analyze your body condition.

Common sweating symptoms:
Lack of sweat – inability to sweat, maybe caused by lack of body fluid, insufficient yang qi or clogged pores.

Head sweat- always a head full of sweat after a little movement but not sweating elsewhere on the body. Usually happens to those with heat that cannot be properly processed, insufficient yang qi or qi deficiency body condition.

Yellow sweat- yellow sweat stains on the clothes, this usually occurs for people with damp heat body type. They should clear heat and dispel dampness.

Unexplained sweating- sweating during the day without a weather factor, prone to those recovering from illness or those with phlegm and dampness or ‘qi’ deficiency body types

Night sweats- sweating while sleeping, and it stops when you wake up. Usually happens to those who frequently stay up late, prefer spicy foods and have yin deficiency. They should nourish yin and relieve dryness.

Healing tea for sweating
Effects: Strengthens the body and reduces sweating. Alleviates symptoms of excessive sweating such as qi deficiency, phlegm and dampness, etc.
Ingredients: 10g blighted wheat, 10g hairy fig root, 5 dried longan
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15 minutes. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens.

✔Recommendation: Oats rice water
Effects: Improves excessive sweating, reduces water retention and relieves constipation
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