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☐容易頭痛, 痛處固定不移位



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Reduce facial freckles and spots due to blood stasis
Do you seem to struggle with facial marks? You may be prone to marks from pimple and mosquito bite, facial freckles, not able to improve dark circles after exhausting all the anti-dark circles beauty products. If you want to solve the above problems, you should first understand your body condition. If you have blood stasis body condition, you need to improve blood circulation and reduce blood stasis to improve the symptoms. Want to know if you have a blood stasis body condition? See if you have experienced the following symptoms within the last month?
☐Prone to body aches at fixed locations, pain feels like needle pokes 
☐Prone to headache at fixed locations
☐Dark circles
☐Facial freckles
☐Purplish complexion and lips
☐Purplish blood vessels under the tongue
☐Prone to marks from pimple and mosquito bite 
☐Prone to bruising on limbs
☐Purple or green veins on legs
☐Ladies have menstrual blood clots or menstrual pain, even amenorrhea

If you have 0-2 of above symptoms. Your body condition is fine. You can condition your body according to your symptoms.
If you have 3-6 of the above symptoms, you have a typical blood stasis body condition. Eat more ingredients that can promote qi and blood such as Chinese hawthorn and white back fungus.
If you have 7-10 of above symptoms, your life is full of excessive thinking, stress, sleep late, and prefer cold/raw foods. You should eat less cold/raw, spicy, oily foods. Drink more floral tea to relieve stress and eat more ingredients that can promote qi and blood such as black fungus, eggplant and lotus root.

Chinese Hawthorn Oolong Tea
Effects: Relieves blood stasis symptoms such as dark circles, dull complexion, purplish lips, veiny legs, pimple marks, menstrual pain or menstrual flow is not smooth,.
Ingredients: 6 slices of dried Chinese hawthorn, appropriate amounts of oolong tea and brown sugar
Preparation: Place dried Chinese hawthorn and oolong tea into the thermo, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 10 minutes and add brown sugar to taste. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 3-4 days a week for a treatment.
Note: Chinese hawthorn is sour and not suitable to have on an empty stomach. Not suitable for pregnant, menstruating women or those with stomach discomfort.

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