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黑木耳 — 性平,有滋養益胃、涼血、活血的功效,適合血瘀體質人士,但氣虛、血虛、陽虛、脾胃虛弱則不宜多吃。

雪耳 — 性平,具滋陰生津、潤肺養胃、強心補腦功效,適合肺熱津傷或肺氣虛弱、燥咳無痰、痰中帶血、氣喘氣短、咽喉乾燥、聲音嘶啞、病後體虛人士食用。

冬蟲草— 性溫,有補肺益腎、止咳化痰功效。適合身體虛弱及氣血虛弱的人,但感冒未清者不宜進食。

Eating healthy
Many people are afraid of cancer, so there are a lot of food products advertised as anti-cancer or cancer cure to promote sales. Which foods are truly anti-cancer? Studies have found that foods containing polysaccharides can inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor cells to achieve anti-cancer effects. The popular “anti-cancer foods” are sea cucumber, black fungus, snow fungus and fish maw as they contain polysaccharides. Although these ingredients seem to have anti-cancer effects, they should be consumed according to body condition. For example, black fungus can promote blood circulation and is suitable for people with blood stasis. However, those with qi, blood and yang deficiency and weak asthenic spleen and stomach should not eat too much. Snow fungus, sea cucumber and fish maw can nourish yin, but you may retain dampness if you nourish the body too much.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, when qi and blood in the human body are not running smoothly leading to qi stagnation, blood stasis, cold stagnation, and dampness in the body, that can create a cancer-prone body condition. Therefore, the first key for preventing cancer is to condition the body properly, have light and balanced diet, eat less oily, fatty, spicy, fried, grilled and pickled foods, rest appropriately, exercise regularly, and you should seek a professional practitioner advice to properly manage your health.

Black fungus- mild in nature, nourishes stomach, cools blood and improves blood circulation. Suitable for those with blood stasis body types. Those with qi, blood and yang deficiency and weak asthenic spleen and stomach should not eat too much.

Snow fungus- mild in nature, nourishes yin, promotes fluid production, moistens the lungs, nourishes stomach, and strengthens the heart and mind. It is suitable for those with hot lungs or asthenic lung qi, dry cough without phlegm, phlegm with blood stain, shortness of breath, dry and sore throat, coarse voice, and weakness post illness.

Cordyceps- warm in nature, replenishes the lungs and nourishes the kidneys, relieves cough and reduces phlegm. For those with poor health and asthenic qi and blood, it can strengthen the body. Those recovering from a cold/flu should not consume.

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