July 19, 2019


Q: 米水有碳水化合物,生酮飲食法人士不宜?
(T:註冊營養師 @tsheknutritionTiffany Shek,C:註冊中醫師Cinci EC)



Is rice water suitable for those are on the ketogenic diet?
(T: Tiffany Shek, Registered Dietitian, C: Cinci EC, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

T: The standard ketogenic diet is comprised of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrate. As long as your total carbohydrate intake is kept within the 5% of your total daily calorie intake (including calories from rice water), your diet is still ketogenic.

C: Chinese medicine focuses on balance. It is not recommended to be on a diet where you only consumer certain types of food. It is more important is to eat according to your body type. It is also better to have a balanced diet with a variety of food. Those with asthenic spleen and stomach have poor metabolism, may easily accumulate excess water in the body and have edema problems. They also have loose muscles that may seem like they are overweight. Drinking rice water daily can strengthen the spleen and stomach to relieve edema. When you have healthy digestion and absorption, you will not gain weight for no reason. Rice water is in fact suitable for those want to change their body shape.

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