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對於容易患上腸胃炎的朋友來說,吃東西可說是一步一驚心,怕稍一不慎又被腸胃炎找上門, 不單上吐下瀉,嚴重的更有可能出現胃痛、腹痛、發燒等症狀,所以我們為你綜合以下的中伏大全,讓你避開腸胃炎陷阱!







Guide to preventing stomach flu
For those who are prone to stomach flu, they are quite anxious when eating worrying they may end up with stomach flu. On top of vomiting and diarrhea, they are likely to have stomach pain, abdominal pain, fever, etc., so the following tips is to help you avoid the stomach flu.

1/ Do not eat leftover from yesterday
Most people eat food that is stored in the refrigerator overnight without issues. But for those who are prone to stomach flu, it is safer to choose fresh food. Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the refrigerator, as well as the storage and handling of raw and cooked food.

2/ Avoid smoothie
Cold drink is a type of cold/raw food that those who are prone to stomach flu should eat less, especially smoothies. As some smoothies are made with raw water ice, or fruits that have been frozen for a long time, the amount of bacteria is higher. It would be a risk to drink during hot summer.

3/ Eat less dairy products
Milk based products are foods that should be avoided for those who are have asthenic spleen and stomach, irritable bowel syndrome and prone to stomach flu. Milk is greasy and difficult to digest. Dairy products deteriorate easily and can lead to diarrhea.

4/ Be careful when eating seafood
Seafood is a high-risk food for stomach discomfort, especially shellfish that is cold in nature. Even people with normal body conditions may be prone to diarrhea if they eat too much. In particular, the freshness and quality of uncooked oysters or sashimi are often affected by the seawater quality, delivery process and treatment methods, so occasionally you will hear some cases of stomach flu caused by eating seafood.

5/ Stay away from the spicy trend
In recent years, Sichuan food has become so popular. Spicy hot pot, spicy fish, and hot and sour rice noodle restaurants have been common in the market. It is indeed spicy and delicious, but for friends with asthenic stomach, it is really inappropriate to eat more. This type of food is relatively greasy, and when attacked by both fattiness and spiciness, your stomach is likely to have a big disaster!

6/The hot pot should be cooked well enough
Hong Kong people like to eat hot pot the most, whether it is to celebrate birthday or during a festival, hot pot is always on the list. It is fun to eat hot pot, but you must not be impatient. You must cook the food fully before eating. All food must be fully cooked including seafood and anything that contains pork such as dumplings.

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