April 6, 2018




位置: 位於眉梢與外眼角之間,向後約一拇指寬的凹陷處。
主治: 健腦止痛,清腦醒神。

Awakening acupuncture point
When you feel tired and want to sleep, you might automatically start massaging side of your head without knowing it. Turns out pressing on your Tai Yang acupoint can help wake you up! When you don’t have enough rest or have been using your brain for a long time, you may feel dizzy and heavy headed, massage your tai yang acupoint to improve blood circulation and give your mind a boost to relieve fatigue. But note that tai yang acupoint is located near a thinner part of the head bone so just massage lightly and do not use too much strength. Tai yang acupoint is also an important acupoint for overall health so massaging regular can be beneficial.
Tai Yang acupoint
Location: location between the outer edge of your eyebrows and outer end of your eyes, in the depression about 1 finger breath behind your eyes.
Effects: relieve headache, helps to wake you up.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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