May 21, 2018




1. 玫瑰花、月季花

2. 合歡花

3. 茉莉花

4. 桂花


Four flowers to relieve stress

If you ask a girl if she likes to receive flowers, most will say no even though they do, especially when they are feeling sad. Next time try sending yourself or your friends these four stress relieving flowers!

1. Rose/Chinese Rose
Rose is what most ladies like the most and, like Chinese Rose, it is great for stress relief. They look similar and have similar effects. They are warm in nature, can regulate qi and improve mood as well as dispel bruising. You can make a tea with them or add it into your soy milk or desserts. It is most suitable for those professional working ladies with intense stress and prone to qi stagnation body constitution. Note: those with asthenic qi and blood and those who are pregnant should consume with caution.

2. Albizia flower
Albizia is mild in nature and great for a cup of tea when you feel down as it can calm the mind, release negative moods, and regulate qi. If you are losing sleep due to your emotions, a cup of albizia tea can also help.

3. Jasmine
Jasmine has a refreshing aroma and is white in color, and a lot of people like it for their perfume. From chinese medicine perspective, it is warm in nature and can regulate qi and improve your mood. The scented tea commonly served in restaurants are smoked with Jasmine to achieve the floral fragrance too.

4. Sweet osmanthus
Sweet osmanthus is small but has a powerful aroma that can spread quite a distance. It is most commonly used in desserts, tea, and soaked in wine. It is warm in nature and can calm the mind, warm the stomach to relieve pain.

Tips for drinking floral tea
Floral tea is fragrant and healthy but it is important to note the following:
– try to drink your tea soon and do not store overnight
– use a transparent tea pot to make floral tea
– don’t drink it with an empty stomach
– keep to 1-2 cups per day, having too much can lead to abdominal bloating and diarrhea
– buy your floral tea from a reputable seller to avoid high amounts of pesticides

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