April 21, 2019




1. 飲水少的人 — 飲水量充足,大便才不會太乾太硬,比較容易排出。

2. 纖維攝取量不足或過多的人 — 纖維在大便裡有吸水作用,使糞便濕潤柔軟,有助排便順暢;但纖維太多,不夠水分也能導致排便困難。

3. 運動少的人 — 運動除了肌肉筋骨在活動,亦會加快腸道蠕動。所以常坐在辦公室工作的人,久坐不動,加上工作緊張忙碌,有便意卻未能即時上廁所,更容易造成便秘問題。

4. 減肥中的人 — 排便不只是大腸負責的工作,其實由進食開始,大腸就會藉着胃部的反射帶動蠕動,所以減肥中的人如果食量突然大減,腸的蠕動自然減少,亦沒有足夠食物殘渣刺激腸道蠕動,容易引致便秘。

5. 食無定時的人 — 飲食不定時的話,腸胃工作時間也變得沒有規律,有一餐沒一餐,對腸胃蠕動規律有影響,久而久之形成便秘。

6. 經期前的女性 — 經期前體內分泌的黃體素,有利於胚胎著床受孕,但會抑制大腸蠕動,所以有些女性會有經前便秘的困擾。部份女性更會因陰虛體質或身體有熱,月經前特別容易便秘。

7. 孕婦 — 到了懷孕後期,增大的子宮壓著直腸,加上黃體素增加會抑制腸蠕動,輕則引致排便不暢,嚴重更會引起痔瘡問題。

8. 小朋友 — 小朋友臟腑嬌嫩,脾胃系統尚未發展完成,容易有便秘問題,建議多喝水。

9. 老人家 — 隨著年紀增長,身體機能下降,消化系統也變得緩慢,加上缺乏運動,腹肌無力又或是因氣虛問題,也容易引致便秘。


Nine types of people prone to constipation

Constipation is something difficult to discuss but very common urban problem. People think constipation is defined by not having bowel movement for a few days. But in fact, it should be defined by personal bowel movement habits and stool texture. Generally speaking, if you did not have bowel movement for three or more days, have hard or lumpy stool, or experience difficulties passing stool, you are constipated. Aside from being caused by illness,
most constipation cases are caused by lifestyle and habits. The following nine types of people are particularly prone to constipation. Are you one of them?

1. People who are not drinking enough water- The stool will not be too dry and too hard and easier to discharge if you drink enough water.

2. People who are not getting enough or getting too much fiber- Fiber in the stool absorbs water and makes stool moist and soft, which helps smooth bowel movements. However, it is hard to defecate with too much fibers and too little water.

3. People who do not exercise- Aside from muscle training, exercising can help to move your intestines. Therefore, people who often sit in the office for a long time, have busy and intense work, can not go to the toilet when nature calls, are prone constipation.

4. People who are on a diet- bowel movement is not only handled by the large intestine. When you eat, your intestines begin to move as a reflection of your stomach. Those people who reduce their food intake suddenly will experience decrease of intestine movement. You also may not have enough left over food to move the intestines which can lead to constipation.

5. People who do not eat regularly – your digestive system will not work regularly if you do not eat regularly. Skipping a meal will affect the gastrointestinal motility and constipation happens overtime.

6. Premenstrual period- Excretion of lutein in the body before period is conducive to embryo implantation. However, it will inhibit the movement of the large intestine, so some women will have premenstrual constipation. Some women may have constipation before period because of yin deficiency or heat in the body.

7. Pregnant women- In the last stages of pregnancy, the enlarged uterus presses against the rectum, and the increased lutein will inhibit bowel movement, which leads to poor bowel movements and hemorrhoids.

8. Children- Children’s organs have not fully developed so they are more prone to constipation. It is better to drink more water.

9. Elderly- the degenerates overtime and the digestive system will slow down as people get older. Abdominal muscle weakness, lack of exercise and asthenic qi can easily lead to constipation.

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