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麥芽、穀芽 — 麥芽性平,穀芽性溫。具健脾開胃、和中消食功效,針對吃過多澱粉質而引致的食滯尤其有效,例如端午節多吃了粽子,可以飲用穀芽麥芽茶消滯。要注意麥芽有回奶作用,哺乳者不宜。

材料:麥芽、穀芽各10克 、陳皮3克

建議零售價:$15/包| $180/箱(12包)

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Pair rice dumplings with tea to aid digestion
Happy Dragon Boat Festival! The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It’s reasonable that everyone wants to eat some rice dumplings today. The main ingredient of the traditional rice dumplings is glutinous rice. It can replenish vital energy and nourish qi, relieve diarrhea and excessive sweating, warm the spleen and stomach, and has healing effects of stopping diarrhea and excessive sweating. Glutinous rice is suitable for those with qi deficiency, blood deficiency or yang deficiency. However, due to sticky glutinous texture, it is not easy to digest. Those with frequent abdominal bloating, abdominal gas, abdominal discomfort symptoms should consume with caution. Those with qi stagnation, dampness and phlegm or damp heat body condition should not eat too many. Those with weak digestion ability and the elders should eat less. Try to share the rice dumplings with them. It is better to have a cup of Pu’er tea, Millet sprout tea with malt or Chinese hawthorn tea when you eat rice dumplings to aid digestion. Taking a walk with your family after eating dumplings also helps with digestion.

Malt & rice sprout – Malt is mild in nature and rice sprout is warm in nature, can strengthen the spleen and stimulate appetite, and relieve indigestion. It is especially effective for those who ate too much carbohydrates such as rice dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival. You can have a cup of malt and rice sprout tea. Note that malt may decrease breastmilk supply, so those who are breastfeeding should avoid.

Millet sprout tea with malt 
Effects: promotes qi and aids digestion, relieves symptoms such as indigestion, bloating and discomfort due to poor eating habits
Ingredients: 10g malt, 10g millet sprout, 3g dried citrus peel
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly, cut dried citrus peel into shreds, and place into thermos. Rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15-20 minutes. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens. 
Note: This tea is not suitable for ladies who are breastfeeding as malt can decrease breastmilk supply.

?Chinese hawthorn tea
Ingredients: Water, Chinese Hawthorn, rock sugar, oolong tea
Effects: Aids weight loss and improves fat burn, regulates qi to enhance blood flow. Suitable for indigestion, dull complexion, skin discoloration and chubbiness.
Note: This tea is sour in taste. Those with stomach acid reflux and are prone to stomach pain and discomfort should not drink on an empty stomach. Suitable for drinking before menstruation; not suitable for pregnant women and women during menstruation.

Note: Chinese hawthorn is sour and not suitable to have on an empty stomach. Not suitable for pregnant, menstruating women or those with stomach discomfort.
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