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Get good complexion by nourishing the kidneys 
Looking at the mirror, you may find yourself looking dull and you start to worry about superstitions about dark complexion during the 7th month in the lunar calendar. Are you thinking about not going out at night to avoid spirits like your mom told you? Do not think too much. Dull complexion may be related to kidney yang deficiency, asthenic kidneys or poor circulation of blood and qi and blood stasis . The theory of Chinese medicine also mentions that black corresponds to kidney, it is also necessary to distinguish whether it is the effect of kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency, so the most important thing is to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Are you experiencing yang deficiency or yin deficiency? Take a look at the following symptoms to find out which one fits you. If 3 or symptoms fit you, you may have the related kidney deficiency.
Kidney yang deficiency
✔Weak and sore knees and lower back
✔Aversion to cold and cold limbs
✔Loose stool or having diarrhea at 5am
✔Pale tongue and white and sticky coating
✔Impotence, nocturnal emission or premature ejaculation
✔Cold uterus that have menstrual pain, amenorrhea or even difficulty conceiving
-》Should warm and nourish kidney yang 

Kidney yin deficiency
✔Weak and sore knees and lower back
✔Tinnitus or deafness
✔Excessive sweating, irritated and hot
✔Tooth swelling, sore throat
✔ Red tongue and less coating
✔ Nocturnal emission or premature ejaculation
✔ Amenorrhea or even difficulty conceiving
-》Should nourish yin and kidney

Tips to nourish kidney:
-Nourish kidney yang: lamb, mussel, chives, cinnamon, sea cucumber, walnut. 
Can consume Chinese yam and hyacinth bean to strengthen spleen but avoid ingredients that can promote diuresis and dispel dampness such as corn silk and hyacinth bean coat.
-Nourish kidney yin: black fungus, snow fungus, rehmannia glutinosa, dried scallops, wolfberries.
-Completely avoid eating cold/raw food and keep warm
-Do not stay up late too much to avoid hurting yin
-Drinking more water to replenish fluids to help remove excess toxins and fluid from the body.

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