December 25, 2017




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Constipated when traveling?

The body can be quite amazing. When traveling, for some they have diarrhea, but for others nothing comes out at all. Traveled with some friends before that can’t successfully do their no 2, leading to stomach bloating and lack of appetite. This could all be related to stress. Your trip changes your regular routine and where you do your business and that alone could make it difficult to go for some. And during vacations, people tend to let loose and eat more meats and heavy hot-natured things so it’s natural to have a harder time passing stool. If you want to maintain regular bowls movement during your vacation, try to be prepared with below tips.

Tips during vacation:

– bring fiber supplements or chia seeds
– during breakfast, choose fruits that helps with bowel movement, such as papaya, ripe bananas, or dragon fruit
– have a cup of light salted water to relieve constipation
– moisten your bowels by eating nuts
– be sure to drink water to keep your body hydrated
– massage your abdomen before bed and when you first wake up to keep your bowels moving

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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