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感冒或流感過後,最討厭的是咳嗽久久未清, 除了有可能是餘邪未清,更多人是因為沒有戒口,吃了生冷或辛辣油膩重口味食物,增加脾胃負擔,延遲身體復原,結果一直拖著咳嗽的病尾。

風寒 — 喉嚨痕、痰色白、鼻塞、流鼻水

風熱 — 喉嚨乾痛、痰色/鼻涕色白黃、口渴

風燥 — 喉嚨乾或痛、唇/鼻乾燥、無/少痰、痰有血絲、鼻塞

Foods to avoid when you have a dry cough
Lingering coughs after a cold or flu can be quite irritating. It may be caused by remaining pathogens or perhaps because people are not eating right and still consuming a lot of cold/raw foods or spicy and heavy flavoured things. These increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, and can potentially delay recovery. Cough can be classified as cold-wind, hot-wind or dry-wind. The principles of eating light differ for each type of cough so it is important to identify your cough. Cut out things that may exacerbate your cough.
Cold-wind- itchy throat, white phlegm, stuffed nose, runny nose
Suitable: gently warm to dispel cold, relieve phlegm and cough. Examples are raw ginger, white stem of spring onion, celery, dried citrus peel, garlic, basil
Avoid: cold and raw foods, heavy and glutinous things. Examples are oranges, pear, grape, water chestnuts, shellfish.
Hot-wind- dry and sore throat, white and yellowish phlegm and mucus, thirsty
Suitable: clear heat, relieve phlegm and cough. Examples are monk fruit, fig, white radish, pear, chrysanthemum
Avoid: hot-natured food, gently tonic and heavy foods. Examples are lychee, longan, peach, raw ginger, pepper, ginseng, and fried/spicy things.
Dry-wind- dry or sore throat, dry lips and/or nose, little to no phlegm, bloodstained phlegm, stuffed nose
Suitable: nourish yin and relieve dryness, promote fluid production and relieve cough. Examples are lily bulbs, honey, radix ophiopogonis, snow fungus, fig, radix adenophorae.
Avoid: spicy and dry things that may exacerbate heat and damage yin. E.g. pepper, ginseng, raw ginger, nuts, fried/spicy things.

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