October 8, 2018

#24節氣 – 寒露】是日寒露




Cold dew solar term
Cold dew signifies that we are well into fall. As temperature continues to drop, air may condensate and plants will begin to wither too. It is important to nourish yin and prevent dryness during this season. As it becomes cooler, yang qi will be conserved, yin energy need to be protected. Once attacked by dry pathogens, you may experience sore throat, dry nose and skin. It is suitable to have more sesame, glutinous rice, round grained rice, pears, apples, persimmon, honey, lily bulbs, and lotus root. Remember to replenish your fluids and keep your feet warm at night. It may be helpful to soak your feet before bedtime too.

Gentle reminders
– have dusk rice water which contains black sesame to moisten the intestine and relieve constipation
– have honey water to moisten and nourish the lungs
– remember to replenish fluids after exercising
– have lighter diets as spicy foods can damage yin
– staying up late can damage yin so try to sleep and wake up early

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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