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蓮霧 — 又名天桃,性涼,有清熱涼血、利尿消腫的功效,適合小便不利、浮腫水腫者食用。惟注意脾胃虛寒、腹瀉便溏、尿頻多尿者不宜進食。

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Bell fruit can beat the heat and alleviate edema
Bell fruit, which has a lustrous shiny appearance, is sold nearly all-year long, but it is particularly appreciated during the summer due to its juicy flesh that brings a refreshing zing to the mouth. Moreover, it is very convenient to enjoy this fruit, as it is not necessary to remove its skin.

From Chinese medicine perspective, bell fruit is cool in nature, can clear heat and cool blood, as well as induce diuresis to alleviate edema. Therefore, individuals with water retention problems should eat more bell fruits. Eating one or two during outdoor activities in summer can also rehydrate the body. However, individuals with cold body conditions, or those experiencing asthenic cold in the spleen and stomach, as well as diuresis and diarrhea with loose stools, should consume bell fruit with caution.

The common bell fruits we see are green and red in color, but as a matter fact, the bell fruit family consists of members that range from dark red, pink, cream to green, and the intensity of the color differs based on their varieties and the climate where they are grown. Taiwan, in particular, produces many different varieties: “Emerald Green”, “White Missile”, “Bai Jia Li”, “Brown Sugar Barbie”. You should be able to guess the color of the fruit based on their names.

Bell fruit – also called the “heavenly peach”, cool in nature; clears heat and cools the blood, induces diuresis to alleviate edema. It is suitable for those with water retention and urination problems. Those experiencing asthenic cold in the spleen and stomach, diarrhea with loose stools, and frequent urination should be more careful when consuming the fruit.

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