July 15, 2020



荔枝 vs 紅毛丹




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Lychee vs Rambutan
“Rambutan and lychee look quite similar, so will eating rambutan increase heat in the body, just as lychee does?”

CheckCheckCin: From the Chinese medicine perspective, lychee, a kind of summer fruit, is hot in nature and can nourish blood, promote saliva secretion, regulate qi, and relieve pain. They are suitable for individuals with cold body conditions, with dehydration issues during recovery from illness, lack of qi and blood as well as those suffering from anemia. However, eating too much lychee can cause excessive heat in the body due to the hot nature of the fruit. Individuals with hot conditions might easily develop heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, mouth ulcers and ache when they consume lychee.

Rambutan, also known as “hairy lychee”, is hot in nature and able to strengthen one’s stamina and nourish blood. When an appropriate amount is consumed, rambutan is suitable for those with cold body conditions, weak physique, qi and blood deficiency, low blood pressure, headache and shortness of breath, chronic diarrhea and dysentery. Just like lychee, rambutan is not suitable for individuals with hot body conditions, as it might cause excessive heat to the body when consumed.

Other than the similarity in both their outer and inner appearances, both lychee and rambutan also belong to the Sapindaceae genus. While lychee has more flesh that is succulent and is sweet in taste; rambutan is crunchier and gives out a pleasant fragrance.

Do take note of the “lychee illness”, which is consuming it with an empty stomach might result in low sugar level, leading to headache and nausea, stomach upset and diarrhea, convulsion, and a decrease in blood pressure. Both adults and children should limit the intake of lychee to less than 10 and 5 a day, respectively. Rambutan, on the other hand, is not subjected to the potential issues above, so long as it is consumed at an appropriate amount.

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