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Start of Summer solar term marks the beginning of summer. The day gets longer while the night gets shorter, and the temperature warmer. Summer belongs to the sign of fire and corresponding to the heart. Summer heat makes you irritable and leads to strong heart fire. It is important to nourish your heart and relieve fire in the summer. Eat lighter and less cold/raw food to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach to prevent digestive issues that tend to happen during the summer.

It is suitable to consume sour food such as lemon, passion fruit, ume plum, Chinese hawthorn because it can prevent the exhaustion of the yin energy when we sweat. At the same time, sour food can also induce salivation, quench thirst, strengthen the stomach, and clear gastrointestinal stagnation. You should nourish your heat during this time and avoid exercise that’s too intense. Hiking, leisure walks, reading, fishing are all good choices and be sure to drink water after exercising.

Healthy living during Start of Summer Solar Term:
“Clear heart and reduce heat, strengthen spleen and dispel dampnes”

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