April 19, 2018

【星期五湯水 – 淮山蓮子紅豆紅腰豆湯】




1. 所有材料洗淨,新鮮淮山去皮切塊。
2. 鍋中加入約2500毫升水,放入全部材料,武火煮至水滾,調文火煮約1小時,最後下鹽調味即可。


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Healthy Complexion Soup
How do you expect to have sharp eyes, beautiful hair and shiny skin when you have insufficient qi and blood? Take some time to make this soup over the weekend to help you get those pink blush cheeks back. This soup can alleviate symptoms of frequent diarrhea, fatigue, over thinking, so its very suitable for you busy ladies out there. Make room to take care of yourself aside from your work and family!

Red kidney beans soup with Chinese yam, lotus seed and red bean
Ingredients: 1 fresh Chinese yam, 80g (about 2 taels) fresh lotus seeds, 20g dried lily bulbs, 40g red beans, 40g red kidney beans, 2 candied dates

1. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel Chinese yam and cut into pieces.
2. Combine all ingredients with 2500ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1 hour. Add salt to taste.

Effects: strengthens the spleen and replenishes blood. Alleviate symptoms of frequent diarrhea, fatigue and over thinking.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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