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有病就要去看醫生,大家當然期望醫生夠專業,而你有沒有想過如何做一個稱職的病人?因為看病的過程其實是雙向的,中醫師會通過「四診」 ── 望、聞、問、切,以瞭解病情及收集病史,作出相應的診斷及治療;而作為病人,看中醫前避免做會影響醫師判斷病症的事,就可以加快痊癒!

望診 ── 觀察病人的身體狀況,包括精神狀態、面部色澤、五官、皮膚、舌苔等。
聞診 ── 通過聽覺及嗅覺了解病人的呼吸、語言、咳嗽、口氣、體臭等,判別是否有異常氣味。
問診 ── 通過詢問病人或陪診者,了解疾病的發生、發展過程,以及過往病史等。
切診 ── 包括脈診及按診兩部份,脈診是中醫師運用手指感覺脈搏跳動,按診是運用雙手對病人進行觸摸按壓,以感受冷熱、軟硬、壓痛、包塊等異常變化。

– 避免刷牙時刷走舌苔
– 避免化濃妝,讓中醫師能準確看出你的臉色、唇色。
– 避免飲用橙色、咖啡、奶茶等顏色較深的飲品,因為會難以觀察舌色及舌苔的原來狀況。
– 避免噴香水或止汗劑,以及食用喉糖或香口膠,因為會掩蓋病人原本的氣味、聲音。
– 避免看診前進行劇烈運動、吃太飽或飲酒,因為會影響切診把脈結果,建議提早到診所坐一回才看診。

Important Notes When Visiting a TCM Practitioner

If you are sick, you should see a doctor. Naturally you can expect the doctor to be professional, but have you ever thought about how you can be a competent patient? The process of seeing a doctor is two-way. The Chinese medicine practitioner will use the “four diagnostic methods” – inspection, listening & smelling, inquiring, palpation, to understand your body condition and collect medical history, and make corresponding diagnosis and treatment. As a patient, avoid doing below actions before seeing a Chinese medicine practitioner so to not skew his/her judgment of the symptoms, and it will speed up recovery!

First, let’s learn about the “four diagnoses method” of Chinese medicine practitioners:
Inspection – Observe the patient’s body condition, including mental state, complexion, facial features, skin, tongue coating and so on.
Listening & Smelling – Through listening and smelling the patient’s physical being such as breathing, dialogue, cough, breath, body odor, to determine whether there is any abnormalities.
Inquiring – talk to the patient or the accompanying perskm to understand the occurrence, development, and past medical history of the symptoms.
Palpation – Includes feeling the pulse and pressing examination. When feeling the pulse, the Chinese medicine practitioner uses the finger to feel the pulse beat. Pressing examination involves using the hands to touch the patient to feel abnormalities such as hot and cold, soft and hard, tenderness and blockage.

Notes before seeing Chinese medicine practitioner:
– Avoid brushing the tongue coating when brushing your teeth
– Avoid heavy makeup, so that Chinese medicine practitioners can accurately see your complexion and lip color.
– Avoid drinking dark colour drinks such as orange juice, coffee, and milk tea, as it is difficult to observe the original color of the tongue and the tongue coating.
– Avoid applying perfume or antiperspirant or eating cough drops or chewing gum as it will cover the patient’s original smell and sound.
– Avoid doing strenuous exercise, eating too much or drinking alcohol before going to see Chinese medicine practitioner because they will affect the palpation. It is recommended to go to the clinic and sit for a while before meeting your Chinese medicine practitioner.

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