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The science of colors and sleep quality
What is the color of your room? Colors can affect people’s mood, for instance, red exudes energy and liveliness, and causes us to be in the state of excitement. Spending long hours in a room painted red would cause us to feel uneasy; therefore, we are advised to paint the room with subtle elegant colors. Do you know which colors can enhance our sleep?

First place: Light blue
Blue is often associated with melancholy because it can stabilize our emotions. Hence, it is regarded as the most suitable color for bedroom. It can slow down our breathing, reduce body temperature, help relax the muscles, and comfort our distressed emotions. Being in a room that is primarily blue in color will help improve sleep quality.

Second place: Green
We all know looking at green things will help sooth our tired eyes, because it calms the nerves, reduces eye pressure, and comforts our emotions. A green bedroom will create an environment conducive for sleeping.

Third: Yellow
What a surprise, right?! As a matter of fact, yellow brings out the feeling of comfort and hope that will keep us in good mood. Using pale yellow as the primary color in our bedroom will help us feel refreshed. The same logic also applies to the use of yellow light bulbs.

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