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口臭也有兩種- 講話「口臭」能反映出個人修養,口腔內散發著陣陣臭味能反映體內狀況。沒有人希望自己口臭,也不希望與口臭的人對話。有時就算刷牙刷舌苔再用漱口水漱口後依然會有一陣異味,喝酒、熬夜、食大餐後尤其明顯。到底為何會有口臭?如排除了口腔清潔不當等問題,中醫理論認為腸胃濕熱也是口臭的常見元兇,只要微調生活及飲食習慣就能改善症狀!



Which type of bad breath do you have?
There are two types of bad breath. First type reflects the person’s manners with choice of words, and the second reflects bodily condition with the odor. No one wants to have physical bad breath, nor would anyone want to speak with someone with bad breath. A lot of times even after brushing your tongue and rinsing with mouth wash, you still have an odd smell, and it is worse after drinking, a late night of a big meal. Where does bad breath come from? If it is not a hygiene issue, then Chinese medicine believes that a damp heat digestive system would be the main cause of bad breath. Try adjusting your lifestyle and diet, and it may improve the condition!
✖Have onions, garlic, chives type of stimulating foods
✖Smoke and drink alcohol, coffee or milk tea
✖Eat oily fried foods
✖Eat a lot of junk food and candies
☑Drink more water and sugarless drinks
☑Eat appropriate amounts of vegetables and fruits such as dragon fruit and kiwi
☑Have more coarse grains to help with passing stool
☑Eat regularly and only get to 70% fullness during each meal
☑Sleep and wake up early and avoid late nights
Bad breath tea remedy
Ingredients: 9g Microcos, 1g Sweet Osmanthus
Preparation: Add all ingredients into thermos and rinse with boiling water. Then steep with boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

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