December 6, 2019





Major Snow Solar Term
Although it does not snow in the southern climate areas, Hong Kong is experiencing a cold current this week. It is quite cold during this solar term. Today marks a good time to replenish your body and have tonic foods. You can eat more warm and hot natured ingredients to replenish, such as Chinese red dates, longan, pumpkin, lamb, beef. It is important to eat according to your body type and not based on weather only. During winter, you should have warm food only and have less cold and raw food. In the morning, have a bowl of warm congee, avoid cold drink, and have a bowl of warm soup to warm your body and mind.

Gentle reminders:
.Have fried rice water to dispel cold and warm the stomach
.Eat nuts for snacks
.Appropriately consume replenishing ingredients


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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