July 6, 2023


化痰穴 – 豐隆穴

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Expelling phlegm versus swallowing it
One of the most dreaded scenarios when using public transportation is sitting next to someone who is coughing, especially when accompanied by the sound of phlegm. Coughing up phlegm can indeed be embarrassing. So, what should you do? Should you cough it out or swallow it?
According to traditional Chinese medicine, phlegm is regarded as a pathological fluid within the body. When phlegm irritates the respiratory tract, the body’s natural response is to cough it out, preventing any obstruction in the airways. The best approach is to expel the phlegm discreetly, without causing nuisance to others. Wrap it in a tissue and then dispose of it in a covered trash bin. However, if the situation does not allow for such actions, swallowing it is also acceptable.
If you are unsure about how to expel phlegm, you can try massaging the phlegm-resolving acupoint called Fenglung. This acupoint is particularly effective in alleviating phlegm in the neck area and reducing overall fatigue. It is especially beneficial for individuals with phlegm-dampness or damp-heat constitutions.

Acupoint to reduce phlegm – Fenglung Point
Location: Outer calves above the ankle, two fingers widths from your tibia.
Method: This acupoint is thick and hard, and you can use a massage stick when press hard with your thumb.

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