May 17, 2019




1. 婚前或做伴娘/伴郎/兄弟姊妹之前
2. 坐月之後
3. 船P/沙灘派對前一星期
4. 見到舊情人前
5. 測體脂爆標後
6. 食Buffet之後
7. 驚覺褲子穿不下
8. 剛買健身package

Most motivating times to exercise
Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health. Many people in Hong Kong do not exercise because of busy work, lack of time and laziness. But every now and then, people get themselves together to seriously exercise. Here are 8 things that may be the motivating factor, any of them apply to you?

1. Right before your wedding or being in the wedding party
2. Postpartum, after confinement month
3. Week before attending boat trip / beach party
4. Before meeting up with your ex-boyfriend / ex-girlfriend
5. When your body fat is over the standard range
6. After having buffet
7. You realize you cannot fit in your pants
8. Just bought package from a fitness centre

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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