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Weight gain due to premenstrual edema
Some ladies always talk about losing weight but do not take action. It might seem like they do not have the perseverance to keep fit. But it is possible that they are experiencing “premenstrual edema”. Before or during menstruation, women may experience edema, swollen limbs and rounder faces. However, everything will return back to normal once the menstrual cycle ends. From traditional Chinese medicine perspective, this is known as “menstrual edema”, which is caused by yang deficiency of spleen and kidney. Apart from swollen face, accompanying symptoms include cold and swollen limbs, sore back and knees and loose stools. As more qi and blood are consumed when the body prepares for menstruation, the problem of yang deficiency of spleen and kidneys becomes more serious. The spleen is therefore unable to transport fluid and the kidneys fail to warm the fluid, thus causing water retention under the skin. To relieve this problem, it is necessary to strengthen the spleen and kidneys. One week before menstruation, women should stop eating cold/raw foods and to avoid getting cold. Appropriately consume ingredients that can replenish yang, such as wolfberry, walnut, cashew, black soya bean and so on, and ingredients that can warm meridians and dispel dampness such as ginger, pumpkin, onion, dried longan and brown sugar.

✔Health tea recommendation: Blushing
Ingredients: Red Date, dried longan, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sweet osmanthus, american ginseng, Maojian tea, rock sugar
Effect: Nourishes blood and calms the mind
Suitable for: Those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach, pale complexion, cold limbs
Price: $79/5pcs

✔Rice water recommendation: Dusk rice water
Effects: Improves hair quality and nourishes kidneys, relieves sore lower back. Suitable to those with frequent late nights. 

Cinnamon and lemon tea
Effects: Warms the meridians and dispels dampness, relieves yang deficiency symptoms such as premenstrual edema, dull lower abdomen pain.
Ingredients: 1 tbsp. Cinnamon powder, 1 pack of black tea, 1-2 slices lemon, appropriate amounts of brown sugar
Preparation: Place all ingredients into thermos and add in hot water and steep for 15-20 minutes until aroma develops.
Note: Not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms, recovering from a cold/flu or pregnant women.

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