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Missing nature’s call due to yang qi deficiency
Fecal matter is the residue of food after digestion. It is light to dark brown due to bile. Some ingredients such as corn, enoki, dragon fruit seed are hard to digest and would appear in stool as they are hard to digest. Healthy stools generally do not have undigested food in them. If you have difficulty passing stool, feeling that you need to use a lot of energy, have no bowel movements, or there is undigested food in the stool, this could be yang deficiency. This is usually accompanied by symptoms such as aversion to cold, tastelessness, pale complexion, sleepiness, large amount of urine taking a lot of time to pass, frequent nocturia. Lack of yang qi in the body and cold inside the body will affect the transportation function of the large intestine and cause constipation. To improve the symptoms, in addition to appropriately consuming ingredients that can loosen the bowels to relieve constipation, you should also replenish qi and warm the yang and dispel cold. Drink rice water daily, eat coarse grains such as sweet potatoes, sesame paste, ginger tea, red dates, and avoid cold/raw food. Taking some time to sunbathe can help restore the health of the digestive system.

Oats rice water with walnut and black sesame
Effects: replenishes the kidneys, relieves yang deficiency related symptoms such as aversion to cold, dry skin and constipation.
Ingredients: 1 tbsp. walnut powder, 1 tbsp. black sesame spoon, 1 tbsp. chia seed, 1 cup of oats rice water or oat milk
Preparation: prepare a cup of hot oats rice water or oat milk, add other ingredients and mix well to drink.
Note: not suitable for those with damp heat body condition

✔Recommendation: Oats rice water
Effects: relieves constipation, improves excessive sweating and reduces water retention
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