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Vaginal health
Women’s private parts should be properly cared for. Many vaginal health care products are innovative, and there are many myths about vaginal health care. Do you know which methods are accurate? Take a look at the proper maintenance methods.

Mtyh 1: Is it cleaner to douche your vagina?
Answer: It is important to clean the vagina, but over cleaning will have the opposite effect. Vaginal douching will also wash away the good bacteria in the vagina, destroying the ph balance of the vagina and can lead to bacterial infection. Private part cleanser is also unnecessary, and simply cleaning the vulva with water and soap is sufficient.

Myth 2: Is it more hygienic to use a pad?
Answer: Ladies have vaginal discharge every day. Many ladies use pads because they do not want to stain their underwear, but it is important to note the breathability of the pads. They should be changed often to maintain hygiene, or only use pads on days with a lot of discharge (such as before and after menstruation).

Myth 3: Can I spray perfume if I feel a strange smell in my private part?
Answer: The skin of the private part is more sensitive. It is not recommended to use perfumes, powders or perfume-based cleansers to cover the odor as that may cause infections. The private part is normally slightly acidic, so there will be a slight acidity. If you have an abnormal odor, you should pay attention to personal hygiene. Drink more water to make yourself go to the toilet on average every 2-3 hours. Wear more breathable clothes. Consult the doctor if symptoms are severe.

Myth 4: After going to the toilet, is it cleaner to wipe with the toilet paper front to back?
Answer: It is recommended to wipe front to back with toilet paper after going to the toilet, especially after bowel movement. Wiping from the back to the front will bring bacteria from the anus to the vaginal orifice and even the urethra. After urinating, wipe it from the front to the back, or use toilet paper to stay on the urethra for a few seconds and dry it, which can also prevent infection.

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