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CheckCheckCin:偶爾一次但須提防而不用過度憂慮,月經不正常的症狀連續出現兩週期或以上就要留意了。從中醫角度來說,這是「月經後期」,即是經期比平時延後七天以上,有些人更會延至四、五十天作一次週期。遲經有可能因血虛、虛寒、陰虛,也會因痰濕或肝鬱氣結引致。假如你近來多煩心,就有可能是因情志失調導致肝鬱引起。肝與情志關係密切,當人壓力大、精神緊張或情志不暢時,導致氣機的循環受阻,血行不暢,經期就可能會延後,而且經血色更會帶紫紅及有血塊,也會有小腹脹痛及胸脅脹痛,所以才會覺得下腹「谷住谷住」。最簡單是由疏肝解鬱及戒吃生冷入手,透過飲食、情志調理、 穴位按摩,改善因氣血瘀滯所導致的經絡不通,行氣活血。想「大姨媽」乖乖報到,可以跟隨以下小貼士!

– 經期前三至七天飲用疏肝理氣,帶花香的茶飲例如玫瑰或茉莉花茶等。
– 戒飲食生冷,尤其是在經行前後,以免阻礙經血暢通。
– 月經淨後要少吃辛辣,如麻辣、咖喱等,以免耗散氣血。
– 每晚臨睡前用10 分鐘靜一靜調養情志,對比起看電話不如敷個面膜吧!
– 維持規律作息,忌熬夜傷肝,以免影響氣血運行。
– 常按三陰交,可紓緩痛經不適,是常用的婦科保健穴位。 �位置:小腿內側腳踝骨頭突出處上方3寸(約4指橫寬)�按法:以手指指腹向下按壓按摩一分鐘。

Stress can lead to late period
“I have been worrying about a lot recently, and my mood has become so bad. My period is even late by a week and I feel quite bloated. What can I do? “

CheckCheckCin: It would be fine if it happens occasionally only. But you have to pay attention if it happens for two or more cycles. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is delayed menstruation. The menstrual period is more than seven days later than usual, and some people will extend to forty or fifty days for a cycle. Delayed menstruation may be caused by blood deficiency, asthenic cold, yin deficiency, and due to phlegm and dampness or liver qi stagnation. If you have been stressed lately, it may be caused by liver stagnation due to “emotional issues.” The liver is easily affected by emotions. When people are under stress, feel nervous or experience emotional discomfort, the circulation of qi is blocked affecting blood circulation, then the menstrual period may be delayed, and the color of menstruation will be purple and with blood clots. There will also be abdominal and chest pain, and you feel bloated in your lower body.

The easiest way is improve the condition is to relieve stress and cut out cold food. Through diet, emotional conditioning, and point acupressure to improve the meridians caused by qi and blood stasis, and promote qi and blood circulation. If you want to your period to be on time, you can follow the following tips!

– Drink floral tea to relieve depression, such as rose tea and jasmine tea, 3-7days before menstruation.
– Eat less cold/raw food, especially before menstruation to avoid poor blood circulation.
– Eat less spicy food, such as spicy and curry, because spicy food hurt the liver.
– Have 10 minutes me-time before going to bed every night. It is better to apply a mask than to look at the phone!
– Maintain regular work and rest time, staying up late will hurt the liver and affect qi and blood circulation.
– Press on San Yin Jiao to relieve menstrual discomfort, it is a commonly used gynecological health acupuncture point.
Position: 3 inches above the protruding part of the calf’s inner ankle bone (about 4 fingers width).
Method: press your thumb downwards for one minute.

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