November 8, 2019





*冬季限定特飲.桑寄生鹹柑桔杞子茶 新登場*


元朗店|元朗朗日路8號形點II A262a號舖

Beginning of Winter Solar Term
Today marks the beginning of winter. Winter is the last season of the year. The weather is cold, everything is hidden, the human body is also adapting to nature and metabolism is relatively slower, so the main point of healthy living is to nourish yin and protect yang. At this time, you should move less. You can also enjoy the sunlight to raise yang qi, go to bed early and get up late, to consume less qi and sweat less. Those who are sport lovers should changed from sweat inducing cardio exercise or hot yoga to easy exercise such as jogging, stretching or static yoga. You should eat foods that can dispel cold and keep warm mainly during this time. However, the southern climate is not too cold yet, you can replenish your kidneys first. Black sesame, chestnuts and walnuts and other nuts are good choices.

Gentle reminder:
.Fried rice water can dispel cold and warm stomach.
.It is suitable to eat warm fried chestnuts.
.Eat more mild-natured foods.

* Our autumn special drink Rejuvenating Kumquat Wolfberry Tea – available now! *
In the first solar term in winter, the body gradually adapts to the temperature drop, and drinking a warm winter special drink can be more healthy. This tea is specially added with Chinese taxillus herb that can nourish liver, kidneys and blood, and stabilize pregnancy. The taste of kumquat and wolfberry is salty and sweet, and honey is moisturising! It can warm the stomach, nourish yin and relieve dryness. It is suitable for sore lower back, fatigue, premature greying of hair, vision deterioration and pregnant women.

Rejuvenating Kumquat Wolfberry Tea
Ingredients: Chinese Taxillus Herb, Salted Kumquat, Wolfberry, Dried Longan, Honey

Available in our stores (Tseung Kwan O store excluded)
Sheung Wan | G/F, Kai Fung Building, 4-6 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Causeway Bay | Shop No. G14, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Eslite (TK) | Shop No. L109, 1/F, Cityplaza, No. 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Tai Koo
Eslite (TST) | Shop L216, 2/F, Star Annex, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Yuen Long | Shop A262a, Level 2, Yoho Mall II, 8 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long


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