July 22, 2019





Major heat solar term is here!
You have probably been feeling like summer has already arrived but actually today is the beginning of the major heat solar term. 
This term means the warmest time of the year and also a time when yang qi is the most active. It is also the time of the year where you have the most thunderstorms and typhoons. People are most suspectible to dampness pathogens and eczema is also prone to occur. So it would be good to eat food that can clear heat and dispel dampness. You can appropriately consume winter melon, coix seeds, rice beans, corn silk. You can eat more bitter food, such as bitter gourd, cilantro, and mint leaves, as they can help clear internal heat, increase appetite, and refresh your mind.
The focus of health care during major heat solar term is properly balance work and rest, because the human body’s metabolism reaches the highest point of the year, the physical exertion is large, coupled with the long days and short nights, be sure to have balanced diet, in order to strengthen your immunity.

Gentle reminders:
.Have rice water daily to strengthen spleen and stomach.
.Have poor appetite? Eat a bowl of mung bean or lotus leave congee
. Remember to apply sun protection when engaging in outdoor activity


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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