January 30, 2020




青瓜- 又名黃瓜,性涼,能清熱利水,生津解渴,有利尿的作用,適合身體有偏熱症狀、濕熱、陰虛及血瘀體質人士食用,氣虛、血虛、陽虛、痰濕及氣滯人士則不宜多吃。

Cucumber diet is not sustainable
What can you eat to lose weight? The first thing that comes to mind is vegetables, such as cucumbers, celery, broccoli. Some people may have cucumber diet to lose weight by eating one raw cucumber before eating meals everyday, or even replacing one of meals with a cucumber, eating raw cucumbers when hungry. Cucumbers are rich in water and low in calories. It is really a good snack during diets. However, you have to pay attention to the cold nature of cucumbers, which can promote fluid production, relieve thirst, clear heat and promote diuresis. It is suitable for people with damp heat and yin deficiency body types. But not suitable for those with cold stomach and prone to abdominal pain. Those with qi deficiency and blood deficiency should eat less. It is not advisable to over-diet during weight loss. Although eating vegetables is healthy, it is necessary to eat according to your body type or you can eat fruits and vegetables that are mild natured. After all, balanced nutrition is the way to a healthy diet. It is better to eat cooked vegetables to lose weight, because uncooked vegetable is also considered cold/raw, and can harm the spleen and stomach. Dysfunction of the spleen and stomach causes dampness in body making a person prone to diarrhea, edema, yellowish complexion and other symptoms of asthenic weak spleen and stomach.

Cucumber – cool in nature, clears heat and promotes diuresis, promotes fluid production and relieves thirst. Suitable for those with heat-related symptoms, damp-heat, yin deficiency and blood stasis body types. Those with qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency and qi stagnation should eat less.

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