April 12, 2019




1. 熟知各區乾淨廁所的位置及開放時間
2. 開始有便意的時候,要洗腦用念力想自己其實很放鬆,或找方法分散自己注意
3. 隨身帶備抹屁屁濕紙巾,呵護小屁肌
4. 搭長途車前避免飲用有咖啡或奶茶等奶類飲品,以免中途要找廁所
5. 食放題、打邊爐、自助餐後不能即時搭車,以免突然攪肚子發作
6. 吃飯中途有可能消失一段時間,因為拉肚子了
7. 隨身帶備腸胃藥或止痛藥,以及大量紙巾,以備不時之需
8. 旅行時大藥包更是不離身,由健腸胃補充品到止痛藥及止瀉藥一應俱全

The life of people who have delicate stomachs
People who suffer from frequent diarrhea not only have miserable butts but they are likely also tired from how it affects their normal social lives. To be able to relieve the stomach discomfort quickly, they have likely learned a lot of convenient tricks and tips.

1. Be familiar with the location and opening hours of clean toilets in various districts
2. Keep brainwashing or distracting themselves in different ways to tell themselves “you are ok” when nature calls
3. Always have wet wipes to take good care of their butts
4. Avoid drinking dairy drinks like coffee or milk tea before taking a long bus ride so they will not need to find a toilet during the trip
5. Avoid car rides right after eating Japanese buffet, hot pot or buffet in case of stomach discomfort
6. They have to disappear for a bit during meal due to need to have diarrhea
7. Always have some form of gastrointestinal drugs or painkillers and a large amount of paper towels for unexpected needs
8. When traveling, a medicine kit is always near by packed with digestive supplements, painkillers and antidiarrheals.

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