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炒米- 屬性偏溫,能暖胃散寒。白米能健脾胃,以白鍋炒過以後更多了暖胃散寒的功效。

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Going to the harbor side this weekend to enjoy the Christmas lights and festivities? It’s been quite cool so be careful not to catch a cold! During the winter, you should stock up on 3 common warming ingredients, and one of them is actually a Christmas favorite, cinnamon! Try making a cup of cinnamon orange tea at home to keep warm.

Cinnamon Orange Tea
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cloves, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 tablespoon orange jam or candied orange peel
Preparation: Put spices into a thermos and add in hot water to steep for 10 minutes. Add in suitable amounts of candied orange peel or jam and mix well.

3 common warming ingredients
Cinnamon- hot in nature, warms the body and dispels cold, warms the spleen and stomach, clears meridians and channels. Suitable for those with aversion to cold, cold limbs, cold stomach, cold related menstrual discomfort. Note it is not suitable for those with heat related symptoms such as hemorrhoids, dry stool and not suitable for pregnant women.

Ginger- hot in nature, stimulates perspiration and dispels cold, can also warm the body and relieve vomiting. In the winter, add in sweet dumplings with a bowl of ginger brown sugar tea to keep the family warm and enjoy a cozy moment.

Fried rice- warm in nature, warms the stomach and dispels cold. White rice can strengthen the spleen and stomach and once fried, it has added healing effects of warming the stomach and dispelling cold.

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