December 17, 2021




👠 墊高雙腳睡覺

💦 適度滋陰清熱


🐼 按走熊貓眼


🤢 調理脾胃

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Post-party recovery tips
The end of the year is usually a season for parties, but once the parties are over, we often feel empty and lost. In addition to that, we will also develop symptoms such as dark eye circles, acne, wrinkles, insomnia, and constipation. Besides that, staying up late will also cause us to look exhausted. If only we can stay home and recuperate for a couple more days! Since our holidays will inevitably end, what are the ways to help us feel better?

👠 Elevate our legs when we sleep
Those who attended parties in heels tend to have swollen and tired feet. We can elevate our calves with pillows or towels to promote blood circulation and relieve edema.

💦 Nourish the yin and clear heat accordingly
Staying up late can exhaust the yin, causing us to develop dry skin and dry eyes as well discomfort in the throat. Eating deep fried foods and drinking alcohols that are warm in nature can also cause heat to accumulate in our body. To relieve these symptoms after the party, we can drink a cup of American ginseng and dwarf lilyturf roots tea.

Pear water with radix ophiopogonis
Effects: promotes fluid production and relieves thirst, nourishes yin, relieves dryness, moistens lungs, relieves cough
Ingredients: 1 pear(or 4 slices dried pear), 9g radix ophiopogonis
Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel, core and dice the pear. Place all the ingredients into thermos. Add in hot water and steep for 5-10 minutes. You can re-brew this tea until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. Two weeks for a treatment.

🐼 Massage to relieve our dark eye circles
It is not uncommon to develop dark eye circles after a party. When applying eye essence, we should massage these two acupoints to promote the circulation of the qi and blood around the area.

Four Whites Point: Directly below the pupil, in the depression at the infraorbital foramen.
Yang White Point: On the forehead, directly above the pupil, place your thumb on midpoint of the eyebrow and it is above your finger.
Method: Use your finger tips to press on the points for about 1 minute

🤢 Take care of our spleen and stomach
Binge eating during party can cause indigestion issues such as bloating, stomachache, appetite loss, and stagnation in the stomach. After the party, we must give our spleen and stomach enough rest. We should consume clear foods, eat more vegetables and cut down on meat, and drink more soup. Alternately, we can drink a cup of rice water a day to regulate the spleen and stomach.

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