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#流鼻血用 – 雪梨蓮藕白茅根湯

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Yin-nourishing soup to dissipate heat

Hong Kongers enjoy hotpot when the autumn breeze begins to blow, but the weather during this season is dry. Hotpot can cause heat to accumulate in our body, and we will experience sore throats after enjoying the food. How do we solve this problem?

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, sitting beside the hotpot would draw the pathogenic factor of fire. The ingredients and even soup, which tend to be warm in nature, will also cause heat to build up further in the body. Individuals will then develop symptoms like dry mouth and tongue, swollen and sore throat, canker sores, acne, and constipation.
Hence, we need to control our consumption of hotpot. Cut down on deep-fried and oily food if we plan to have hotpot during the period. Prepare beverages like bamboo cane and cogongrass root drinks and American ginseng tea that can clear the heat and hydrate the body. These drinks can help relieve the heat from the hotpot. Individuals who feel heaty after eating hotpot should drink soup that can nourish the yin and moisten the dryness of our body.

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