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CheckCheckCin:生理期前夕有人會腹瀉,有人卻會另走極端——便秘!從中醫角度來看,生活忙碌、氣滯體質人士更容易出現經前便秘的症狀如多日未有便意或欲便不能、多伴隨 乳房脹痛、精神抑鬱、胸悶、多嘆氣等。這款便秘多因為過度憂慮或過度煩躁或多坐少動而讓體內氣血運行不暢,導致腸道傳導失常,引致便秘。月經前三至七日可飲用玫瑰花茶,紓緩經前煩躁不適、大便不暢症狀。



Regulate qi flow to relieve premenstrual constipation
I experience constipation and bloating before every period. What can I do?
CheckCheckCin: Some people will have diarrhea before period, but others will experience the opposite, constipation! From Chinese medicine perspective, people with busy lifestyle and qi stagnation are prone to constipation. They may experience lack of sensation to defecate, accompanied by swollen and painful breasts, depression, tightness in chest, and frequent sighing. This type of constipation is often caused by being anxiety, excessive irritability or sitting too much and lack of movement, which leads to decreased blood and qi circulation and constipation happens when the delivery functions are disrupted. Having rose tea 3-7 days before period can relieve pre-menstrual irritability and difficulty passing stool.
Fruit tea with rose and dragon fruit
Effects: Clears heat and relieves pre-menstrual constipation
Ingredients: 10g roses, half a dragon fruit cut into pieces
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5 minutes.
Note: Not suitable for menstruating women. To relieve menstrual discomfort, have this tea 3-7 days before period.
Sea of Blood Acupoint
Effects: regulates qi and blood circulation, relieves pre-menstrual irritability, constipation and foot edema.
Location: Located in the front area of the thigh, two inch on the inner side of the basis patellae. Bend your knees and stretch your legs, there will be a hollow on the inside of the knee. The muscles are raised above the hollow and the top of this muscle is the Sea of blood acupoint.
Method: Press with your thumbs for 1-2 minutes every day one week before period.

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