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✔皮蛋 配 酸薑

✔苦瓜 配 牛肉

✔羊肉 配 馬蹄

✔蛇羹 配 白菊花瓣

✔大閘蟹 配 薑茶

✔壽司刺身 配 紫蘇葉及生薑

Classic hot and cold natured combinations
There are some classic food combinations, such as century egg with sour ginger, bitter gourd with beef that you will not question. If you think more about it, these combinations are complementary to each other in taste. They are are also of wonderful match in terms of hot and cold nature. Even the Japanese cuisine that Hong Kong people love also applies the concept of Chinese medicine four nature theory, which is cold, hot, warm and cool. As an example, sushi is often served with basil and raw ginger that can dispel cold.

✔Century egg with sour ginger
Century egg is cold in nature. Sour ginger is hot in nature. They are smooth and chewy. Also sour and sweet. It is the classic appetizer in Cantonese restaurants. People who enjoy this might be of certain age already.

✔Bitter gourd with beef
Bitter gourd is cold in nature. Beef is hot in nature. This dish is bitter and sweet when fried together. It is common in home kitchen.

✔Lamb with water chestnut
What is your favourite ingredient in lamb brisket stews? Lamb brisket or water chestnut? Lamb is hot in nature. The traditional way to cook this dish is to add in water chestnut and sugar cane that cold in nature to balance with lamb that hot in nature.

✔Snake soup with white chrysanthemum petals
There are three side dishes for snake soup: lemon leave, white chrysanthemum petals and crisp. Adding in the white chrysanthemum petals, that cold in nature, makes the snake soup more good looking, and balance the snake’s hot nature. It can also nourish liver and improve vision.

✔Hairy crab with ginger tea
Hairy crab is cold in nature. So we will drink ginger tea after having hairy crab to dispel cold.
and warm the stomach.

✔Sushi & sashimi with basil and raw ginger
You will find that there are some green basil and raw sliced ginger next to the sushi and sashimi in the Japanese restaurant. It is not only for decoration but also for healing. Basil and raw ginger are warm and hot in nature which can balance the cold and dampness from cold/raw food. Raw ginger can clear bad breath so you can taste the food taste better.
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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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