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白菊 — 性涼,清肝明目,適合經常熬夜晚睡人士飲用。
黃菊 — 性涼,疏散風熱,紓緩目赤及多眼垢等症狀。
密蒙花 — 性寒,有養肝明目、清熱瀉火和退目翳的功效。

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Flowers to soothe the eyes
Chrysanthemum vs. Pale Butterfly-bush Flower

The eyes are often seen as the most telling sign of age and can also contribute to feelings of fatigue. Alongside consuming moderate amounts of blueberries to protect the eyes, drinking Chrysanthemum and pale butterfly-bush flower, tea can also be beneficial. Both flowers can clear and nourish the liver, which according to traditional Chinese medicine, can improve eyesight.

Chrysanthemums come in white and yellow varieties. White chrysanthemums are suitable for individuals who often stay up late and experience hot flashes, while yellow chrysanthemums can relieve symptoms such as eye redness and excessive discharge. Individuals who work long hours in front of a computer can benefit from pale butterfly-bush flower, which can alleviate symptoms such as eye redness, dry eyes, itching, and excessive tearing.

White chrysanthemum – cools in nature, clears the liver and improves eyesight. Suitable for those who have late nights.

Yellow chrysanthemum – cools in nature, dispels wind and heat. Suitable for those with red eyes and eye dirt.

Pale butterfly-bush flower – cold in nature, nourishes the liver to improves vision, clears heat and retreats eye nebula.

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