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綠豆 — 性寒,具清熱解毒、消暑祛濕功效。有助紓緩中暑、水腫、皮膚痕癢等症狀,適合濕熱體質人士服用。惟注意胃寒、便溏久瀉人士不宜服用。

紅豆 — 性平,具補血和胃功效。有助紓緩集中力不夠、氣血虛弱等症狀。適合各體質人士服用。注意感冒未清者不宜多服。

黃豆 — 性平,具健脾利濕功效,有助紓緩脾虛水腫、無胃口等症狀,適合各種體質人士服用。惟注意過量服用容易引起胃脹,痛風患者忌食。

白扁豆 — 性平,具健脾益氣、消暑化濕功效,因脾虛有濕而食少腹瀉人士尤其適合,亦適合氣虛及痰濕體質人士服用。惟注意容易便秘人士不宜多服。

黑豆 — 性平,具補腎健脾、利水下氣功效。有助紓緩因腎虛引起的腰痛、水腫、容易抽筋等症狀,適合各種體質人士服用。惟注意脾胃虛弱者不宜多服。

Get to know the effects of ingredient
The New year is here and it is time to start a healthy diet. Do you know how the food you consume affect your body? According to Chinese medicine theory, each ingredient has a nature. Knowing the nature concept and basic effects of foods can help you to choose what is right for your body type. Four natures means that foods are categorised into cold, cool, warm and hot. For example, people with heat-like body type can eat cool and cold natured foods, while those with cold-like body condition can eat warm and hot natured foods to balance the body condition. It is also beneficial to understand the effects of food. Taking beans as an example, red bean can nourish blood, mung bean can clear heat, black soya bean can nourish kidneys, soya bean can strengthen spleen and dispel dampness, and hyacinth bean can nourish spleen and promote qi circulation. Let’s learn more about your physical needs and the effects of foods this year. Eat the right amount of food according to your body type and build a strong body over time.

Mung bean- cold in nature, clears heat and removes toxins, relieves summer heat and dispels dampness. It can relieve symptoms of heat stroke, edema, and itchy skin. Suitable for those with damp heat body type. Not suitable for those with cold stomach, loose stool and long-term diarrhea. 

Red bean- mid in nature, replenishes blood and stomach. It can relieves symptoms of lack of concentration, asthenic qi and blood. Suitable for all body types. Not suitable for those recovering from cold or flu.

Soya bean- mild in nature, strengthens spleen and promotes diuresis. It can relieve edema from asthenic spleen and lack of appetite. Suitable for all body types. Note that eating too much may cause abdominal bloating, those with gout should avoid.

Hyacinth bean- mild in nature, strengthens the spleen and replenishes qi, suitable for those with diarrhea after eating a little due to asthenic weak spleen with dampness. It is also suitable for those with qi deficiency and phlegm and dampness body type. Note that those are prone to diarrhea should eat less.

Black soya bean- mild in nature, replenishes kidney, strengthen spleen, promotes diuresis and lower qi. It can relieves symptoms like lower back pain, edema, and frequent cramping due to asthenic kidney. Suitable for all body types. Not suitable for those with asthenic weak spleen and stomach.

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