July 19, 2023




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What kind of meat to use to make soup in the summer?
Partridge vs. Quail

When making soup, some people like to add meat to enhance its flavor and richness. Apart from pork, what other options are there? Since summer is associated with the fire element, it is recommended to choose meats with a neutral nature. Quail and partridge are both poultries that are high in protein and low in fat. They are particularly beneficial for recuperation following an illness and conditions such as weak lungs and spleen in children.

Partridge – neutral in nature and is known for its benefits in nourishing the five viscera, enhancing mental well-being, and stimulating appetite. It is suitable for those with a weak spleen and stomach or poor appetite.

Quail – neutral in nature and is referred to as the “”animal ginseng.”” It has the effects of nourishing the five viscera, replenishing qi, and nourishing blood. It is suitable for individuals with poor nutrition or blood deficiency symptoms such as dizziness.

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