July 16, 2023




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Essential herbal tea in the pantry – heat-clearing and dampness-expelling

Unregulated eating habits, frequent consumption of fried, spicy, greasy, heavy-flavored foods, and indulgence in raw, cold foods and icy beverages can easily lead to the accumulation of heat and dampness among urban dwellers.

Excessive heat in the body refers to an imbalance of yang energy, resulting in heat-related symptoms such as dry mouth, bad breath, mouth ulcers, and dark yellow urine. Dampness-related symptoms include thirst, bad breath, bloating, chest tightness, and drowsiness.

For minor ailments that do not necessarily require medical treatment or medication, dietary adjustments can be made by incorporating beverages with heat-clearing and dampness-expelling effects.

Individuals with excessive heat can benefit from drinking chrysanthemum tea, coconut water, and green tea, as they have properties that help clear heat. Those experiencing dampness-related symptoms can opt for rice water infused with corn silk and lotus leaf. This drink is helpful in clearing heat and expelling dampness.

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【Strengthening rice water】Dawn Rice Water, Sugar Cane・Rice Water
【Aromatic rice tea】Genmai Chrysanthemum Green Tea
【Healing Tea】Strengthening Tea, Reviving Tea, Very Hot (Qi), Dampness, Edama

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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