July 22, 2023


豬肉 — 性平,具補腎養血、滋陰潤燥功效,適合大部份體質人士食用。

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What kind of meat to use to make soup in the summer?
All about Pork

What kind of meat do you typically use to make soup? The most common answer would be pork! Indeed, when it comes to soups with general health benefits, pork with a neutral nature is often the preferred choice. Pork can nourish the kidneys, blood, yin, and moisturize dryness; hence, it is suitable for most individuals regardless of their constitution. Now, which part of the pig is best for making soup?

Soup made with lean pork meat is the clearest and sweetest, but the meat may become tough after cooking. Pork trotters have tender and slightly chewy meat, which remains enjoyable when used in soup. On the other hand, soup made with pork bones offers a richer flavor, but it also contains a higher fat content.

Pork – netural in nature; can replenish the kidney and nourish blood, nourish yin and relieve dryness. Pork is suitable for most body constitutions.

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