July 21, 2023


烏雞 — 又名烏骨雞、竹絲雞,性平,有補氣血、補肝益腎及滋陰的功效,滋補效果比雞較為溫和,尤其適合陰虛體質人士食用。

乳鴿 — 性平,具有滋補肝腎、扶助陽氣、補益氣血的作用,適合身體虛弱、腰膝酸痛人士食用。

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What kind of meat to use to make soup in the summer?
Black-boned chicken vs. Squab

Chicken soup is delicious, but sometimes it can leave us feeling dry and overheated. This is because chicken has a warm nature. If you are already experiencing symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, and a preference for heavy and flavorful foods, consuming warm chicken soup can further exacerbate the heat in your body. This may lead to symptoms such as a sore throat, insomnia, and constipation.

On the other hand, black-boned chicken is different. It is neutral in nature and its nourishing effects are milder compared to regular chicken. It helps replenish qi and blood while also nourishing the yin. Similarly, squab has similar effects to Silkie chicken. It is also neutral in nature and can nourish the liver and kidneys while replenishing qi and blood. Squab is suitable for individuals with any body constitution.

Black-boned chicken – also known as silkie chicken, neutral in nature, can replenish blood and qi, nourish the liver and kidneys. The nourishing effect is milder than that of chicken. Suitable for those with yin deficiency body constitution.

Squab – neutral in nature; can nourish the liver and kidney, help strengthen the yang energy, and replenish the qi and the blood; suitable for weak individuals, those who experience pain and soreness on the waist and knees.

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